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Welcome to Health Insurance Rx where we offer prescriptions for lower cost health insurance and a lot more.  In the face of the rising rates of health insurance and the recent landmark changes in health care legislation, the average person can get quite confused as to what is the best way to protect themselves and their family.

At Health Insurance Rx, we understand that people should be offered a wide perspective on the best way to provide for their family's health insurance protection.  So we  offer one place to get the most competitive quotes for all of your personal health insurance needs in the state of California.  

What is more, we will soon offer links to consumer reports comparing the different health insurance companies, whether they be PPO's or HMO's Major Medical, or Basic Insurance plans.  In addition, we also will offer informative links on innovative alternative approaches to providing protection to your family's Medical Insurance needs, including Critical Illness Insurance and Discount Medical Club memberships.  And we will offer information on plans which protect you against the rising incidents of Medical Identity Theft, including Video Tutorials on various aspects of health insurance that concern you and your family..

Martin Miller, the Broker Owner of Health Insurance Rx  comes from a background as a practitioner in the  medical  field in addition to having spent a number of years in Personal Insurance.  It is from this "care-giver" perspective that we have created this Web site-- as a resource from which all can benefit.

 Please write us at and let us know how else we can serve you!