Following up re: supplemental coverage

There’s one more critical piece of information you need so you can make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage for years to come.

Yes — if you’re 65, Medicare is your best, and first, line of defense for protecting yourself from excessive healthcare costs.

But Medicare alone won’t be enough. There are still holes or gaps that need to be filled with traditional Medicare Parts A & B.

There are two options for most people to help cover these holes or gaps in Medicare.

First, in addition to Medicare, a supplemental insurance plan may be a good option. It pays for the things Medicare won’t cover and saves you significant amounts of money on unexpected medical bills. Don’t let yourself be underinsured. The consequences are too costly — especially when an affordable supplemental plan is readily available to minimize financial risk.

A second option many people elect is a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans cover everything that traditional Medicare Parts A & B cover and provide extra benefits like prescription drugs.

Give me a call and let’s schedule a time to discuss these options to enhance your traditional Medicare Parts A & B. We’ll evaluate your needs, compare plans, and decide if a supplemental policy or Medicare Advantage plan makes sense for you.

I look forward to your call and the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.


Kind Regards,

Martin Miller

Health Insurance Broker

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